‘Post Pandemic Priorities’ With Career Coach And Counselor Lynn Berger

And in the work that she does, she counsels people on how to effectively transition their jobs, and/or their careers, balance their multiple roles and responsibilities, understand and make wiser choices.

My ideal client can come from various industries, have various amounts of time of experience, yet something’s missing.

Well, it’s fear. It’s the unknown. To admit to yourself that something isn’t working, means that you might need to make a change. And change is very hard…

And many people realized that, being in quarantine and not being able to distract yourself, you really have to face what you’re doing.

And, you know, as a counselor and a coach, I try to dance between the practical “what’s going to make the most sense for you” and the psychological.

I am a big fan of “Headspace”, the meditation app. I think it’s really quite helpful. So it’s something that you can try.



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Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz

Andrew Wayfinder Hryniewicz

Philosopher. Shaman. Architect. Therapist. I love time spent with friends and family, creating beauty and magic, and this amazing planet we all share.